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French doors are the perfect fixture to add to your home if you want to show off your taste for sophisticated design. They add natural light to your living space, help to increase the security of your property and save on energy bills with their energy-efficient properties all whilst looking stylish. 

Here at ATT Fabrications, we know how important it is to find a door that suits your style, is suitable for your property specifications and is a colour that you are happy with. That is why we have created a service that allows you to create your own french doors. 

Design Your Own UPVC French Door

We know that every property has its own needs, specifications and design ideas, and we want you to get the most out of your new uPVC French Door. This is why you can select a range of features to include in our uPVC French Door creator such as style, size, colour, and more in our design your own uPVC French Door range. Choose from a range of functionalities including open in or open out, the addition of an overhead vent and the type of glass used in the door.

Design Your Own Aluminium French Door

Each project is custom to the property, and we want to make it the easiest it can be for you. This is why we have created our own aluminium French Door designer, where you can create the aluminium doors of your dreams. Create doors that fit your specifications, choose the style and colour and any extra features you may want to include all within the builder. 

Why Choose Made to Measure French Doors

Designed for you

They are specifically designed to suit the needs of your project.

Easy to fit

Made to your measurements, your French Doors will be easier to install than a ready-made fixture.


Each one of our French Doors comes with a multi-point locking system for increased security as well as internal beading and strong frames. 


You will save on energy bills as our French Doors are created to your specifications ensuring that there are no gaps between the brickwork where heat could escape.

Low maintenance

French Doors are low maintenance fixtures and don’t require much attention other than the occasional clean. 

Why Choose ATT Fabrications For Bespoke French Doors

Design your own

We offer a design your own service where you can cater French Doors to your specific needs. That’s right - you’re in control! Choose from a wide selection of colours, door handles, glass types and more. 

Free delivery

Delivering the doors to your property can often feel like a huge task but here at ATT Fabrications, we take all of the trouble for you. We offer free UK (mainland) delivery as standard. 

Made in the UK

All of our products are made by us in the UK. So you can be sure that you are receiving the best fixture available. 

Finance options available

We offer interest-free payment plans!

10 year guarantee

All of our products come with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your fixture will last for years to come.

Trade accounts

You can apply for a free trade account here at ATT for easy ordering with multiple address book options and even order tracking.

Bespoke Door FAQs

We want to make sure that we answer all of your questions about bespoke French Doors, which is why we have created a FAQ guide for you to consult.


How much are custom French Doors?

It depends on your project’s size and scale, but our bespoke uPVC French Doors start from £554, and our aluminium designs are slightly more costly starting at £1,343. You can add features and personalised options at an extra cost to your bespoke french door which will increase the cost. 


Do you need planning permission for French Doors?

If you are replacing doors that have already been installed then you don’t have to worry – planning permission isn’t needed. 
Planning permission is usually only required for larger-scale projects such as extensions, a new build or a change in the use of the building such as a residential building to a commercial.

How do I measure for replacement French Doors?


Take your measuring tape and measure the width of the doors in mm. Try to make sure that there is no bend in the tape measure as this will change the precision of the reading. If you need to; get another person to hold the other side of the tape measure. 


Make sure that you horizontally measure the external brickwork at 3 or more different points and then take the smallest dimension. Openings can vary at different points so it is best to take the smallest. Deduct 10mm from this reading to allow for fitting tolerance and so that the doors can be packed into the opening level and squared. 


When measuring the height ensure that you have a sturdy footing or ladder and measure from the top to the bottom of the frame. This will provide you with a reading that you can put into our bespoke designer.

How long does it take to fit a french door?

Depending on the expertise of the fitters and size of the project you can expect fitting times to vary. However, most projects completed by two people with some experience can complete a project in around 3 hours.