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Product Guarantee

  • All guarantees are valid for the period stated from the date of purchase and are only valid once payment has been received in full. 
  • Valid proof of purchase is required for all guarantee claims. 
  • All goods should be checked to ensure complete and sizes are correct before commencing or arranging installation. 
  • All goods must be installed by a competent or qualified person.  
  • All of our PVCu, Aluminium, Composite and Roof Lantern Products are manufactured in the UK.   
  • As we use our own delivery network we can ensure the product reaches site in good condition. 
  • All of our Doors, Windows and Roof Lanterns are supplied with a 10 year colour fast guarantee on the PVC components from the date of delivery.  
  • Hardware (including hinges, locks, cylinders and rollers etc) and double glazed units are subject to a 1 year Guarantee from the date delivery. 
  • Our liability under this warranty is limited to the supply of replacement parts only.   
  • We do not accept responsibility for any additional work to replace the components, nor will we accept claims for consequential expenditure or loss. 
  • Failures must not be the result of influences outside our control, such as incorrect fitting or use, distortion of frames or building subsidence etc. 
  • The warranty on the replacement will extend to the end of the original component period. 
  • All guarantees are subject to adequate routine maintenance of the goods supplied. 
 Conditions of warranty for your PVCu Product 
a) The Guarantee period expires at the end of the period detailed by each of the components following, from the original date of delivery. 
b) Proof of purchase must be retained and provided for all Guarantee claims. 
c) No Modification or alteration in any way must have been made to the product without written consent from us. 
d) All Products must be maintained as per the maintenance guidelines. 
e) This Guarantee is personal to you and is not transferable. 
f) If replacement parts or goods are required we reserve the right to replace these with parts or goods currently in production that are of the same or similar specification. 
g) If the goods become defective during the first year of purchase, we will replace such goods.  After the expiry of this first year period, we will replace, free of charge any part of the product purchased            which, in our reasonable opinion, are deemed to be defective. 
h) The acceptance by ATT of any claim under this warranty is conditional upon a representative of ATT being given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the product prior to any remedial work. 
i) This warranty applies only to product installed within United Kingdom Mainland. 
What is covered? 
1. UPVC Profile. 
a) The PVCu profile on the inner and outer frames is Guaranteed from discolouration, but not from fading, for a period of 10 years by the manufacturer from the date of delivery. 
2. Hardware. 
a) Door locking mechanisms, including moving parts, are guaranteed against manufacture defects for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery, by the manufacturer subject to the correct fitting of the          entire product, in compliance with the fitting instructions, and is also subject to satisfactory regular maintenance by the customer. - See Maintenance Guidelines. 
3. Panels. 
a) Door panels are guaranteed against dent, rot, crack, buckle or distortion for 1 year from the date of delivery by the manufacturer, however, the manufacturer is not liable for the following; I. Normal wear and tear and natural weathering of surfaces. 
II. Problems due to misuse or abuse; failure to follow the care and maintenance instructions; or as a result of any cause beyond control (e.g. Fire, Flood, Earthquake, or other acts of nature, and acts of            third parties outside our control). 
III. Problems related with water and/or air infiltration due to improper assembly; installation errors (incorrect fitting of product) or flaws in building design and construction; installation must be in strict              conformance with the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of the door or Window systems. 
IV. Damage or poor product performance resulting from installation into a condition that exceeds product design standards and/or certified performance specifications and/or does nor comply with                      applicable building codes. 
4. Glass. 
a) If within 1 year from the date of delivery, the unbroken double glazed unit is, through faulty manufacture, affected by material visual obscuration because of condensation or dust collection within the            double glazed unit, we will, subject to compliance with the claims procedure outlined below, supply replacement product without charge. This warranty only provides for free replacement of the                    product or refund of the original invoice value and does not cover consequential losses or damage. No liability is accepted for personal injury, loss, claims, property damage, or labour, material or other          costs howsoever caused or arising and whether direct or indirect. 
This glass warranty is subject to the following conditions: 
The buyer of the product, has, by fitting the product acknowledged that the product was undamaged and free from any defects. 
The product has not been exposed to contact from wet cement, hard foreign objects, metals and materials likely to cause abrasive damage. 
        This glass warranty excludes: 
Minor imperfections inherent in architectural glass and that caused during the manufacturing process whenever viewed in accordance with the glass and glazing federation 'Visual Quality Standard' for          installed insulating glass units constructed from flat transparent glass. 
Self-Cleaning Glass must be installed and cleaned as per the guidelines supplied with the product.
Units which have not been transported, handled, stored, installed and maintained completely in accordance with the glazing instructions laid down in the Glass and glazing federation 'Glazing manual' 
Units displaying the optical phenomenon, occasionally seen as Interference colour bands, known as 'Brewster Fringes' 
Distortion caused by the toughening process, i.e. 'roller wave' distortion, and 'haze'. 
5. This Guarantee does NOT cover the following: 
a) Adjustments on the hardware. 
b) Damage caused by third party fitters/installers etc. 
c) Negligence due to misuse / inadequate maintenance. 
d) Incorrect fitting of product, leading to the failure of components (profiles, hinges, 
locks etc). 
e) The inability to produce a recognised Proof of Purchase (actual receipt, bank 
statement) which is deemed as your warranty documentation. 
6. Maintenance Guidelines. - These guidelines must be adhered to or you will invalidate your guarantee. 
a) Products should be washed down periodically with a non-abrasive cleaner and warm water.  Please refer to specialist instructions for Self-Cleaning Glass if applicable. 
b) To maintain the mechanism and hinges ensure they are always kept clear of obstruction like builders rubble, plaster residue and other objects. 
All Moving parts are to be periodically lubricated using a light, acid free lubricant to ensure continual ease of operation.