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Our glass roof lanterns are a great solution if you want to light up your home or commercial building with more natural light while giving your property a contemporary look. Made with sturdy, weather-resistant glass and sophisticated, self-cleaning coatings, our roof lanterns are ideal for creating relaxed, calming atmospheres and open-spaces environments. Our glass roof lanterns collections are all cost-effective, eye-catching, and come in different styles and colours to suit every property and budget specifications. To design your own roof lanterns, check our online design service today.

Design Your UPVC Skypod Roof

Create your own UPVC skypod roof here at ATT Fabrications today. Made with thermally-efficient and weather-resistant materials, they can give a more luxurious, contemporary look to your property. Discover more in our UPVC skypod roofs collections.

Design Your Own Aluminium Flat Rooflight

Aluminium flat rooflights are ideal for flat roofs to provide more light where there are no windows available. Our rooflights are energy-efficient, as they filter sun rays to create a balanced temperature atmosphere. Discover more about our aluminium flat rooflight collections.

Why Choose Made-to-Measure Glass Roof Lanterns?

Maximise Light

With our extra glazing, you won’t simply enjoy natural light, but you’ll light up every corner of your indoor areas, creating a wide, open space atmosphere.


Depending on your project, our glass roof lanterns follow all the safety requirements and environmental certifications.

Increase property value

Using the latest glass technologies, you’ll give a contemporary look to your home, while boosting the value of your property on the market.

Self Cleaning

Using self-cleaning active smartglass, the glass absorbs rays, while breaking down organic dirt and sheets of the water after the rain.


Made with tough tempered glass surfaces and robust frames, breakage and any noise pollution won’t be a problem in your property.

Solar Control

Ideal for any season, our insulating, coated glasses are an energy-efficient solution to reduce the flare of harmful UV rays and retain warmth in winter.

Why Choose ATT Fabrications For Glass Roof Lanterns?

Design Your Own - Our design service is a great opportunity for anybody who wants personalised, customised roof lanterns in a choice of sizes, colours and contemporary designs. Our collections of glass roof lanterns include a wide range of open systems, glass and coatings.

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We offer free UK (mainland) delivery as standard. This means that you don’t have to worry about delivery costs as it is all covered.


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You can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product that will last as all of our bi-folding doors come with a 10-year guarantee.


Trade Accounts

You can apply for a free trade account here at ATT for easy ordering with multiple address book options and even order tracking.


Made in the UK

Here at ATT Fabrication, we design all of our products here in the UK.

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To make our products available to everybody, we offer interest-free payment plans!


Bespoke Glass Roof Lanterns FAQs

Here at ATT,  we provide a wide range of bespoke glass roof lanterns of different sizes, colours and prices. We know that there is a lot to decide, so we want to provide you with more clarifications to help you transform your roof. Discover the answers to some of the most common questions below.

How Much Do Our Bespoke Glass Roof Lanterns Cost?

The price of custom roof lanterns vary depending on the scale and specifications of the project. It can also vary depending on the type, whether it’s an aluminium flat rooflite or UPVC skypod roof. Generally, they both start around £500 to max £4000. If you are looking for extra features such as different glass types and extra panels, you can add these on at an extra cost.

What Size Opening Do I Need For Glass Roof Lanterns?

Here at ATT Fabrications, we offer a wide range of roof lanterns in widths that vary from 1000mm to 1500mm or extra bespoke width. 

What To Consider Before Installation?

Installing a glass roof lantern can be very easy and quick if you are aware of all safety requirements and regulations. Before starting, it is important to consider three things: the right measurements, legal permissions and the condition of the existing roof. Here’s how to do it:


Take your tape measure and check the measurement of your roof. While our roof lanterns are easy to install,  it can be time-consuming raising everything if inaccurate measures are taken in advance. 


Check that you have all the legal permissions. Generally, planning permission is mandatory if the roof is more than 150mm from the existing roof plane. Moreover, any changes cannot be higher than the tallest part of your existing roof.  All our roof lanterns are designed with a low profile. However, you should check the UK Government permitted development rights for householders for your local area and check the Planning Portal for further legal guidance.


Generally, the roof is made with some timber materials that sustain its structure. Before starting your project, ensure that you are not making any substantial structural modifications to the roof to avoid a potential roof collapse. Check, in particular, the ridge board, fasteners, purlins, struts, ceiling joists and tiles.

How Do I Measure Flat Roofing?

To measure your flat roof, measure the width and length of each plane on the roof, including the dormers. Then multiply the width and length together to give the area of each plane. If you have multiple planes, measure each one separately and then add them together to work out the total area of the flat roof.

How To Install A Roof Lantern On A Flat Roof?

All our glass roof lanterns come with guidelines for installation. Here are some of the main steps to installing a roof lantern on a flat roof:

1. Frame the opening

2. Drill a hole in the roof to cut the opening 

3. Fit the skylight into place

4. Position the underlay

5. Fit tightly so that water can’t get under the skylight.

Whether you’re building a flat roof for the first time or replacing your existing roof, we recommend contacting one of our experts if you are not a professional builder or for further enquiries.