4 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Property

A modern kitchen with a breakfast bar, high stools, and open patio doors leading to an outdoor terrace

Taking that tentative first step onto the property ladder and then climbing further up can be daunting. Especially when you’re already assessing how you can fix up your home to add more value ready for when you want to sell up again. With our handy tips on how to increase the value of your property, you’ll be able to take a step in the right direction to boost the buying value of your property without becoming overwhelmed by all the possibilities (and work) ahead!

Invest in aluminium bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors on a patio

Bi-fold doors are one of the most secure patio door designs on the market thanks to their unique tracking inside and their ability to hold large, thick sheets of glass that lets in more natural light. 

The thinnest glass that bi-folds can hold is double glazing – which is pretty thick! Bi-folding doors with double glazing can withstand hard knocks and will insulate your home by keeping the heat inside. With the cost of heating rising, bi-folding doors will prove to be an energy-efficient option that will help you save money on your bills, as well as keep cosy when it’s chilly outside.

The main reason that bi-fold doors can add extra value to your home is the fact that they can last a long time, especially when made from a durable material like aluminium. This high-quality material is extremely low maintenance and only really requires a wipe down with a damp cloth sometimes – which is not bad considering aluminium lasts around 40 years or more!

Install a roof lantern or a skylight

Adding a roof lantern may not be the most obvious choice to increase the value of your home. However, it’s a welcome addition that will enhance your property in more ways, including increasing the price tag! 

Your property will really stand out from the rest with a roof lantern or a skylight, as it’s not a common feature in most properties. Roof lanterns allow more natural light into your home, which reduces the need for fluorescent lights, so you use less electricity. 

It’ll also benefit your health, as fluorescent lights are often associated with higher stress levels and can be quite triggering for those with migraines. A roof lantern looks gorgeous in a conservatory, or if you are planning an extension, it can open out your extra space.

Add a garden building

A black garden building on a patio surrounded by lawn space

With flexible working and working from home becoming more commonplace, a garden building can be a wonderful alternative to an office. Garden buildings are also a lovely place for families to relax and can be a lovely addition for families with young kids. However, how does this increase the value of your property?

A garden building will increase the square footage of your property, which will bode well when the time comes to evaluate its price. Results vary depending on the type of garden building. A high-quality garden building can increase a resale price by approximately 5%, and in some cases, up to 15%. This higher price will attract those who can spend more on a property, such as business owners and professionals who may want to buy a house with a garden building to separate their professional and personal life. 

Considering a garden building is slightly cheaper than an extension, it can be a really good compromise for those not wanting to take the full plunge and add more to their main living space.

Upgrade your doors – both interior and exterior!

Living room with seating, a coffee table and French doors

Upgrading your interior and exterior doors can help increase your house price. While we often recommend bi-fold doors for patios, we highly recommend French doors for inside your home. 

This gorgeous European design has multiple window panels which allow more natural light to flow into your home and are a popular choice for home offices or families with nurseries as you can see through to the next room. What’s more, French doors can traverse multiple aesthetics, which means that they can blend well with both contemporary new-build designs as well as older character properties. 

We hope that our handy tips have shed some light on simple opportunities available to you which increase the value of your property. Ready to get started on enhancing your home? At ATT Fabrications, we have a variety of designs waiting for you at our design your own page, where you can customise your doors. Our team of experts can help you to achieve your property goals so check out our bi-fold doors, French doors, roof lanterns, and garden buildings online now. 

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