Glass Roof Lanterns


Buying Guide: Roof Lights & Regulations

A roof light or roof lantern is a brilliant addition to any building, and once installed in your home or workspace, these simple yet effective products will flood rooms with natural light and create more space.   However, before all of this is achieved, you’ll need to abide by strict building regulations and have your design approved by the necessary governing bodies before any building work can begin.  To install roof lights and roof lanterns, you’ll first need to:  Assess the structure of the roof on which the light is being... Read More


Natural Light In Homes: Flat Skylights & Roof Lanterns

If you’re looking for ways to illuminate your home with natural light or ways to add to the marketability of your house, then consider installing a skylight or roof lantern. Both options will make an attractive additional window feature and will dramatically open up the appearance of a room effortlessly. Here at ATT Fabrications, we’re taking a look at the benefits of skylights and roof lanterns, and exploring our very own range of glass sky lanterns to help inspire your next natural lighting project. What Is A Roof Lantern? A... Read More