Top 5 tips for keeping your roof in tip-top shape

Do you ever look at your roof and think ‘that needs a tidy up’ well if you do, here are some tips for making sure that your roof and sky pod are in the best condition possible. If you’re not asking yourself that question, then you probably should be and follow our tips before it’s too late and your roof starts to cause you problems that can be timely and costly.  When assessing your roof, conservatory or the roof of your garden building it is important to keep in mind... Read More

French Doors 14/05/2020

Summer blinds for patio doors

Finding the right blinds for your patio doors can either make or break the look of them, so you want to get it right! Here at ATT Fabrications, we have a wealth of knowledge about patio doors and how to get the most out of your product. This is why we have put together a guide for you to ensure that you enjoy your new patio doors to their fullest potential and find the blinds which will make them look spectacular.  What blinds are the best for patio doors?  When... Read More

UPVC bi folding door 10/02/2020

8 Tips for cleaning glass doors

Noticing blemishes, marks and stains on your doors usually happens at the most inconvenient of times. The in-laws are over for a coffee on a Sunday morning and the light will hit in just the right way to illuminate handprints from your small ones or nose smudges from your dogs. Or you’ll be entertaining your friends and as you lean over the BBQ to turn a sausage you’ll notice cobwebs and cast of the Pixar film ‘A Bug’s Life’ on the rim of your door frame. It’s typical, and it... Read More


How to Fit French Doors.

If you’ve been looking to insert some French doors into your home but haven’t known where to start, we have a perfect guide to fitting your own doors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some of your own DIY in the home to create an open and welcoming atmosphere. French doors have been traced back to 17th Century France in the midst of the Renaissance when the use of glass in architecture became highly popular as well as allowing more light into the home. The French doors began on the... Read More


How to fit bifolding doors: a step to step guide on everything you need to know to fit your own.

Let the outside in with your newly fitted bifolding doors. In recent years, bifolding doors have become all the rage, allowing a spacious alternative perfect for the summer months. Bifolding doors provide unobtrusive style, tidying up your living space and doing your job for you. Fitting a bifolding door sounds daunting, especially when it comes with a wedge of paper instructions – but do not be alarmed! This blog aims to create a more accessible alternative to those dreaded instruction sheets.  Properly fitted bifolding doors can allow a huge amount... Read More


Buying Guide: Roof Lights & Regulations

A roof light or roof lantern is a brilliant addition to any building, and once installed in your home or workspace, these simple yet effective products will flood rooms with natural light and create more space.   However, before all of this is achieved, you’ll need to abide by strict building regulations and have your design approved by the necessary governing bodies before any building work can begin.  To install roof lights and roof lanterns, you’ll first need to:  Assess the structure of the roof on which the light is being... Read More

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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Door

One of the most simple yet effective means of home improvement is investing in a new set of patio doors for your humble abode.    Whether this is opening up a rear-facing dining room or living space or improving access to a conservatory, the installation of new patio doors not only improves your home aesthetically, it can add extra security and additional insulation benefits too, saving money on household energy bills in the long run.    So, what are the different types of patio doors? Our expert team here at... Read More