Bi-Folding Doors


Things to consider when buying bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors can completely revolutionise your living space. If you have a dark and dreary room that needs filling with light, the solution could be to install bi-folding doors and let the natural light flood into the living space. Alternatively, if you entertain frequently and want your parties to be both inside and outside you can fold back bi-folding doors to create a large space to entertain. The possibilities to bi-folding doors are endless, however, there are some things that you may need to consider before deciding which bi-folding doors... Read More


How to fit bifolding doors: a step to step guide on everything you need to know to fit your own.

Let the outside in with your newly fitted bifolding doors. In recent years, bifolding doors have become all the rage, allowing a spacious alternative perfect for the summer months. Bifolding doors provide unobtrusive style, tidying up your living space and doing your job for you. Fitting a bifolding door sounds daunting, especially when it comes with a wedge of paper instructions – but do not be alarmed! This blog aims to create a more accessible alternative to those dreaded instruction sheets.  Properly fitted bifolding doors can allow a huge amount... Read More

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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Door

One of the most simple yet effective means of home improvement is investing in a new set of patio doors for your humble abode.    Whether this is opening up a rear-facing dining room or living space or improving access to a conservatory, the installation of new patio doors not only improves your home aesthetically, it can add extra security and additional insulation benefits too, saving money on household energy bills in the long run.    So, what are the different types of patio doors? Our expert team here at... Read More

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Bi-Folding, French or Sliding Doors: Which Should I Buy?

Every home renovation requires careful thought and budgeting. When it is something as essential as secure external doors, it is imperative that you consider the options to ensure that you’re selecting the right design for your home. If you’re considering installing a new external door in your home, read ahead to learn about the benefits of the various types of patio doors that we stock here at ATT Fabrications. Today we’re discussing the benefits of bi-folding doors, French doors and sliding doors as external door designs that may be suitable... Read More