5 ways to create your perfect garden office

Working from home can be difficult; distractions come in many forms! Whether Holly and Phil are distracting you on This Morning, the snacks are calling your name from the kitchen or the kids won’t stop calling your actual name – we understand that working from home can make it difficult to get any work finished.

Here at ATT Fabrications, we have the solution to all of your working from home issues with our range of garden buildings which make the perfect garden office. Having space where you can work, which is separate from your home, will not only help improve your productivity but can also be used to relax when you are not working. Here are our 6 tips for creating the perfect garden office.

1. Install Wi-Fi

This may sound like a simple one, but it is one that will be the most effective. As you will know, there is nothing more frustrating than a buffering circle that keeps spinning, and this is usually due to slow connectivity or a large distance from the router. Once you have your garden building set up it is more than likely to be a fair distance away from your Wi-Fi source. This may leave you wondering how to get wifi in your garden office? Or how to boost your wifi so that it can reach you in your garden building? You must decide how you want your internet to be connected – wirelessly or cabled. 

If your garden office is set up already then try and move your router to a place in the house where you think the connection may reach the building comfortably. If this doesn’t work you can try a WiFi extender which is more commonly known as a ‘WiFi Booster’ which can be as cheap as £15. It is worth mentioning that boosters won’t make your internet faster, they will just extend the reach of the connection which will allow you to have access to the internet within your home office. 

You may want to connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable, if this is the case you will need to run a wire from the home to the garden building which can be more expensive and time-consuming.

2. Get a comfy chair

When working from home you want to stay comfortable as this will ensure that your productivity will remain high and that you actually get some work done. Find a chair that is the right mix between comfortable and practical. You need to be able to work without being too relaxed and falling asleep. 

With that said, when you are not working on a weekend you can transform your garden office into an area where you can relax or even entertain guests. Having comfortable seating options for your guests is wise, especially since they will want to be shown the garden office as soon as they come over. 

3. Regulate the temperature

Ensuring that the temperature of your garden office is right is something that is of importance. If it’s too cold or warm, you won’t want to go in there. The prime temperature for office work sits between 16°C and 24°C, so it would be best to try and emulate these conditions. 

Here at ATT Fabrications, our garden buildings are manufactured with temperature control in mind and each building has been fitted or can be added with specifications to ensure that you stay comfortable. These include: 

  • Low e-Argon filled glass units which hold heat exceptionally. 
  • 28mm double glazed glass windows which will help to keep heat in during the winter months. 
  • 75mm insulation can be added to the building as an optional extra or you could supply the insulation yourself. 
  • Double doors that can be opened to let cool air into the building.

4. Use the space wisely

Here at ATT Fabrications, our garden buildings come in a range of sizes starting from 3600mm wide by 2550mm depth up to 4800mm wide x 3750mm depth. Whilst this will give you enough floor space for some furnishings, it is not a large room, therefore, we suggest that you think smartly about the furniture that you place within the garden office. 

To decide about the furniture that you want to place inside the office you first need to think of the purpose that you want the garden room to have. If you want the space solely as an office then feel free to just have your usual office furniture in the room – desk, chair, bookcase, files, etc. 

However, if you want the space to be somewhere that has a dual purpose then it would be clever to think about the way you furnish the room. Let’s say you want to entertain on a weekend in the room, instead of a desk taking up the majority of the floor space, add a table where you can work from but also eat at and accommodate your guests. 

Alternatively, you may want the space to become your man cave, and we don’t blame you. If this is the case then we recommend a small desk that you can place strategically in the corner and then you can place the other man cave essentials (TV, mini-fridge, sofa) in the prime floor space. 

5. Keeping your valuables safe

Protecting your valuables within your garden office will be a priority for you. The garden buildings that we offer here at ATT Fabrications are designed to be separate to your home. For some, this can cause some anxiety that the items left in the room may be a target for intruders and thieves. 

Our garden buildings come equipped with a range of security features to ensure that the items within the building are protected. These include: 

  1. Steel reinforced profiles 
  2. High-security multi-point locking system 
  3. Internal beading for increased security
  4. 28mm toughened double glazed glass windows 

If you wish to add extra security measures then you could consider installing an alarm system which would trigger an alarm if any movement was detected. CCTV cameras could also act as a deterrent to any intruders. 

Garden buildings from ATT Fabrications 

Now that you have all the knowledge about how to create your garden office (aka secret man cave) you should browse through the selection of garden buildings available here at ATT Fabrications today. 

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