8 Tips for cleaning glass doors

Noticing blemishes, marks and stains on your doors usually happens at the most inconvenient of times. The in-laws are over for a coffee on a Sunday morning and the light will hit in just the right way to illuminate handprints from your small ones or nose smudges from your dogs. Or you’ll be entertaining your friends and as you lean over the BBQ to turn a sausage you’ll notice cobwebs and cast of the Pixar film ‘A Bug’s Life’ on the rim of your door frame. It’s typical, and it happens.

Here at  ATT Fabrications, we have the top 8 tips for making sure that this doesn’t happen anymore with our ‘How To Clean Glass Doors’ Guide; making sure your doors stay looking pristine. 

French Doors

1. Clean the exterior

There’s no better method for cleaning the exterior of your glass door than the classic; soapy warm water and a sponge. Add soap and warm water to a bucket and wash down the panelling of the door making sure that you reach into the corners where dirt that has built up over time may be hiding. It’s a simple yet effective method and you will notice the difference around the rim of your door frame immediately.

2. Beware of suds

You may get carried away with washing the exterior and overload on the suds. Refrain from adding too much soap into the mixture because if you get suds on the glass surface area of the window, it will add another stain that you have to remove later on. Soapy stains are hard to remove once they have dried and can take more even more elbow grease, so be careful when wiping down the exterior to ensure you don’t splash and leave streaks on the glass. If you do spill then make sure you wipe up straight away.

3. Don’t scratch the frame

Using the right cloths to clean is important! Many cloths can claim to be streak proof but remember that different cloths are meant for different surfaces. Micro-fibre cloths are great for removing dirt and they don’t scratch the door as you wipe. This is something that you need to consider when cleaning your UPVC door as some products can be harmful to the door. 

Products to avoid when cleaning your doors include:

  • Bleach
  • Scouring pads
  • Methylated spirits
  • White Spirits
  • Iron wool

4. Polish handles

It’s an area that we often forget about, but door handles are touched constantly and as a result, a build-up of dirt and grime can coat the fixture. For this step, we’re going to use the same method we used to clean the exterior; wipe the handle with water and soap (but remember not too much soap). Dry the fixture and then polish to make sure it looks brand new. 

5. Hoover the tracks

If you have sliding doors you may find that dirt builds up in the tracks at the bottom of the frame. This can be difficult to clean and if neglected can make opening the door difficult. If you have UPVC bifold doors you will want to make sure that the doors are folded right back before hoovering the dirt that has built up in the runner. By hoovering you will remove any loose bits of debris that has fallen into the bottom of the tack and be able to wipe away anything that is left behind. To do this, use a damp microfiber cloth and run it across the bottom of the track, this will ensure that all the remaining dirt is picked up. If this doesn’t solve the running issues and the ease of pulling the door isn’t fixed then add some lubricant (but add sparingly) to the track. 

6. Vinegar

The cleaning market is full of products and at times it can be difficult to decipher which product is the best for which surface. Some products contain chemicals that you may not want to use around your children or pets. We recommend using a product that you may already have in your cupboard – vinegar! The best type of vinegar to use is distilled white vinegar and is a great glass cleaner when added to warm water at 1 part vinegar, 4 parts warm water ratio. It’s an all-natural product which doesn’t contain any toxins making it a great product for those who want to clean with the environment in mind or are worried about cleaning with chemicals around their children. Alternatively, you can use a glass cleaner to spray your doors with as this will have a similar effect.

7. Clean top to bottom

When wiping your glass door we recommend starting at the top and working your way down. By doing this you will cover the hard to reach areas first and the product that you are cleaning with will fall into the next area that you will wipe. If you go from bottom to top, the cleaning products can drip leaving streaks. Buff, buff, buff 

8. Buff, buff, buff

You may want to finish cleaning your UPVC French Doors by buffing the glass. To do this there are a few things that you can use and one thing that you should definitely not use. Throw away your paper towels! Paper towels leave lint residue across the window and it will show when the sun shines through into the room. Instead, you can use an old t-shirt which will be absorbent enough to clean the glass but won’t leave lint.

 Another method which has been tried and tested over the years is to use newspaper to buff the glass. This one can leave some newsprint on your hands and the paper can sometimes fall apart if the window is too wet, but under the right conditions, it can be an effective method.  Discover the extensive range of French Doors and Bi-folding doors available at ATT Fabrications today.

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