Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Door

One of the most simple yet effective means of home improvement is investing in a new set of patio doors for your humble abode. 


Whether this is opening up a rear-facing dining room or living space or improving access to a conservatory, the installation of new patio doors not only improves your home aesthetically, it can add extra security and additional insulation benefits too, saving money on household energy bills in the long run. 


So, what are the different types of patio doors? Our expert team here at ATT Fabrications have compiled together some informative content and all you need to know about the types of patio doors: bifold patio doors, French doors and sliding patio doors


Bifold Patio Doors

Model 8 Aluminium BiFold Door

First of all, what is a bifold door? Bifold doors are a fairly new addition to the UK market, however, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity within a short period of time. Rather than opening outwards, these doors fold back onto themselves to one side, resulting in a clean, open feel. 


This gives the effect of connecting the outdoors with the interior of your home, bringing the outside in and allowing you to make the most of the garden, patio or decking beyond with a continuous, free-flowing space. 


Available as both aluminium bifold doors or UPVC bifold doors, the benefits of this patio door style allow you to make full use of your space, featuring a seamless mechanism that simply glides open, while you’re also able to include the addition of a ‘traffic door’ for fuss-free, everyday use. 


French Doors

Model 6 French Doors with Dual Handles & 2 Narrow Sidelites

So, what are French doors? French doors typically feature two doors which open inwards or outwards from the centre, with a bar fixed down the middle of the doors which allows for uninterrupted views outside once opened. Their compact design and space-enhancing properties make the French door is an ideal addition for smaller rooms and narrower patio or decking openings. 


At ATT Fabrications, you’ll find an amazing range of both aluminium French doors and UPVC French doors, meaning that you can invest in the perfect finish that best fits your home. French doors are arguably the most common of patio doors found in the UK and their simple, versatile design means that they suit a wide selection of property styles. 


French doors are also available with different glass and security options for extra peace of mind and imprinting your own individual style on a classic design.

Sliding Patio Doors

UPVC Sliding Patio Door Set with two centre sliding panels

Sliding patio doors are considered the classic style of a patio door. Conjure up an image of a patio door in your head, and sliding doors are probably the product that comes to mind! Their popularity can be attributed to the space-saving nature of their design, and that rather than open inwards or outwards thus taking up more room, the doors slide either side and out of the way. 


There are many benefits to both aluminium sliding patio doors and UPVC sliding patio doors in addition to their space-saving properties due to the lack of protrusion when opening doors. The large, individual glass panels of sliding doors increase your view outside, in turn, flooding your home’s interior with natural light. They’re also easy to operate manually, and given the design of their mechanism, the space of the opening can be easily adjusted, while the lack of hinges means that sliding patio doors will not slam shut in windy conditions.

What Type of Patio Door is Best For Me?


Essentially, the answer to this question boils down to two main factors: how often do you use your patio doors and how much space do you have at your disposal? 


We recommend thoroughly assessing both in order to ensure you’re investing in the right kind of patio door for you. For example, those with less space at their disposal and a busy interior will benefit more from traditional sliding patio doors that open to the side rather than inwards or outwards. 


If your home has a small opening that eliminates the choice of wider sliding doors, then French doors are probably the best option for you. If you tend to access your home’s exterior a lot utilising both your indoor and outdoor space, then bifold doors may be the favoured option given that they open up your space the most, creating a seamless transition between the outside and in. 


If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about our extensive range of high-quality patio doors, services or design your own options, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team here at ATT Fabrications for further information. 


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