French Doors vs Sliding Doors

If you are searching for a new door but don’t know whether to choose french doors or sliding doors, then you are in the right place. Here at ATT Fabrications, we are here to help you choose which type of door is right for you and your property. 

Both sliding doors and french doors have different qualities, and it can be difficult trying to figure out which would be best suited to you which is why we have created a guide for you to weigh up the pros and cons of each. 

What are sliding doors?

Here at ATT Fabrications, we have a range of sliding patio doors in a variety of sizes, materials and colours – but what exactly are sliding doors? 

Sliding doors are two sturdy panels which slide or run beside one another when they are opened. The two doors are set on a horizontal groove at the top and bottom of the frame and suspended on rollers which make it easier to open and close. 

Benefits of sliding doors

  1. Saves space – As sliding doors are fixed and involve a side run along system of opening and closing, you don’t have to worry about doors taking up lots of space within your property. This means that sliding doors are great investments for those interior spaces which are small. 
  2. Light  – With sliding doors, you will find that the designs often have large areas of glass panelling which allows lots of natural light to flood the space. You should consider a sliding door if you want to brighten your interior space and transform it from a dingy unlit area to one which feels bright and airy. 
  3. Easy access – Having a door which you can easily slide open has its benefits for those who may be elderly or have a disability. The easy-slide motion gives full open access with a gentle push; this is a valuable feature to have during the summer months when you may want to create an indoor/outdoor space for a breeze to flow through. 
  4. Security – Even though they may be easily accessible when they are unlocked, this doesn’t mean that they are not secure. All of our sliding doors available here at ATT Fabrications are manufactured with steel reinforced profiles, high-security multi-point locking systems and are internally beaded for improved security. 
  5. Style – If you are looking for a door option which will add style and elegance to your home, then you should consider installing a sliding patio door which will stay stylish for years to come. 

Cons of sliding doors

  1. Runner issues – As sliding doors open on a groove which has rollers and are often an access way to the outdoors, you may find that leaves, debris and dirt can get stuck in the runner. If not removed or cleaned this can make the doors hard to open. 
  2. Installation – The installation process of a sliding door is not as straight forward as other counterparts due to the intricate nature of the opening system. If you are looking to install your doors alone, then you should consider asking a professional for some help. 

Now that you know about the pros and cons of sliding doors, we should move onto the benefits and drawbacks of French Doors. 

What are French doors? 

French doors are identical doors which sit side by side and open outwards into a garden or outdoor space. They are usually manufactured from uPVC or aluminium, and here at ATT Fabrications, our French Doors come with a 10-year product guarantee. We have a range of French Doors for you to choose from in a selection of styles, colours and finishes to suit the needs of your property. 

Benefits of French Doors

  1. Increase the value of your property – Installing a secure and high-quality fixture into your home will help raise the value of your property which is great for those trying to sell their home or for property developers. French Doors are an easy win and will transform your property into an attractive and refined living space. 
  2. Energy Efficiency – By fitting French Doors into your home, you can save on heating bills as the secure frame and double glazed windows will help keep heat into the property. The design of a French Door helps with air retention, which ensures that heat from your property doesn’t escape through cracks. 
  3. Style – Having French Doors means that you can add your style to your property by choosing a design that shows off your personality. Whether you are searching for a moody and dark grey aesthetic or something charming and traditional – we’re sure that you will find what you are looking for in our collection of French Doors here at ATT Fabrications. 
  4. Durability – The robust and sturdy designs available in our French Door range are sure to last for years to come, and you can find fixtures in both aluminium and uPVC. 
  5. Security – Similarly to our sliding doors, you will find that our French Doors will help you to increase the security of your home. With a 70mm steel reinforced profile, high security 7 point lock system and 28mm toughened safety double glazed glass, you will be able to protect your family from any potential intruders. 

Cons of French Doors 

  1. Need more space – If your home is struggling for space then French Doors may not be the option for you. The open out nature of the doors means that it can be difficult for fitting or opening the doors fully if your property is small or has obstructions. 
  2. Installation – Once again, fitting a French Door is not a DIY task that any novice can complete. Even if you are skilled in-home projects, this could be a task which proves difficult and may be best left for the experts to complete. This can add extra cost to the project. 

Now that you know the pros and cons of both French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors, you can start to make a decision on which one is right for you and your property. Whether you are searching for a stand out style or something which will stay timeless – we have a door waiting for you to install into your property today. 

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