How To Decorate Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors on a patio

The best part about making your house a home is decorating, choosing the right layout for your furnishings, and making the most of your space. Often, we’re asked for tips on how to decorate bi-folding doors or how to arrange a room around them so we thought we’d share our top tips right here. 

Deck out your bi-fold doors with curtains

Decorating your bi-fold doors with long curtains can create a vintage vibe in your home; however, it depends on the style and decor you have in mind. Curtains will offer more privacy than a blind, and they’re simple to just pull across when you want some privacy. Placing curtains on your bi-fold doors is a less permanent option, and the best thing about this option is that you can change your curtains with your decor.

Choose a colour and design to suit your home

If you’re considering bi-fold doors, keep in mind that the colour should complement your home’s existing aesthetic. Consider the type of property you have and the colour scheme that suits it best. Bi-fold doors are an investment made to last, so keep in mind you’ll have this colour for decades if you remain in your home. We have a range of colours available from black, anthracite grey, golden oak, white, rosewood and many more.

Create a sanctuary with blinds

Sometimes we need a little privacy at home, and blinds are a fantastic way to keep natural light flowing through your home while still preventing that nosey neighbour from snooping about! With Venetian style blinds, you can partially block light and have more control over how much natural light you want in your home. In contrast, a roller blind can be used as a blackout blind which is popular with those prone to migraines or if your bi-folds are in a guest room to prevent light filtering in.

Brighten your kitchen and dining room with bi-folding doors

A clean, white space with bi-folding doors partially open

With bi-fold doors, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, and dinner with a view by placing your dining room table nearby. This can also work in the same way with a breakfast bar and is a popular choice for families with young children or pets who may be playing outside on the patio. The adults can drink their coffee while still keeping an eye on the little ones and making sure they stay out of mischief. What’s more, if your bi-fold doors are in a sun-facing room, you’ll be able to top up your vitamin D from the comfort of your home, thanks to the natural light shining through the windows. 

Choose a finish for the glass in your bi-folds

The right finish for your glass can make a world of difference to your bi-fold doors. Mirrored glass is becoming increasingly popular as it offers more privacy along with a sleek futuristic look while still allowing you to enjoy the view from inside your home. You can still maintain a bright open space with mirrored glass without people looking inside your home or the use of curtains and blinds. 

Use internal bi-fold doors to break up a large room

A bright, beige living room with French doors dividing the living space

Internal bi-fold doors are ideal for large open plan spaces that you want to sometimes break up into separate areas. Internal bi-folds have proven to be very popular for professionals working from a home office, parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their youngsters, pet parents, and those with a craft or hobby that requires plenty of space and concentration. 

Internal bi-folds can also be kitted out with curtains and blinds like exterior doors leading to a patio. You can create a private space without sacrificing natural light, and what’s more, you can open out the doors to make one room whenever you like. 
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