The Benefits of Natural Light in The Home

The benefits of allowing more natural light into your home are endless. Whether it’s a positive effect on your property value, health, and general lifestyle, you will be surprised at the unexpected ways that natural light in the home will have on your life. Here’s our ultimate guide to the benefits of natural light and the ways you can incorporate it into your home!

A beautiful, bright living room with large French windows, a sofa and a coffee table

Natural light will increase the value of your home

Having the right patio doors and windows will increase the value of your property long term. Bi-folds and French doors made from aluminum are durable, weather-resistant, and last for decades. What’s more, aluminum is lightweight and will also hold larger panes of glass to allows more light into your home. Plus they’re also better for your bank balance. As well as being a wise long-term investment, aluminium patio doors and windows are more energy efficient because they can insulate your home more during the colder months. With more natural light flowing into your home, your humble abode will appear to have more space and appear more inviting when buyers look around your property. All of these bonus points will factor into the price of your home when you’re ready to sell up and move up the property ladder again. 

A black garden building on a patio surrounded by lawn space

Natural light doesn’t just have to benefit your main living space. A garden building or annexe can add extra value and natural light to your property too. Garden buildings can be a fantastic alternative to an office and even can be your own secret sanctuary, workroom, or simply just a nice place to welcome guests. These unique outdoor escapes can be a perfect way to let more natural light into your everyday life if you want to experiment before changing your home permanently.

Bright sunlight streaming through window panes

Natural light is more energy efficient

Allowing natural light into your home means that you use less energy which is both better for the planet in the age of climate change and, also, your bank balance. Patio doors and windows today are more energy-efficient than they were 20 or 30 years ago. What’s more, with the added benefit of using solar-powered lamps in your home, thanks to a large amount of natural light allowed in, you could essentially save even more costs and reduce your carbon footprint by a significant amount.

A white kitchen and dining space with French doors

Natural light improves your health

This may seem like an obvious statement to make but the number of health benefits of natural light is outstanding. Natural sunlight boosts your energy, mood, and simply 10 to 15 minutes of exposure to natural sunlight can provide our bodies with a fundamental source of vitamin D outside of our diet. By replicating this at home with large skylight windows, French doors, and bi-folds, the chances of a vitamin D deficiency will be decreased.

Allowing more natural light into your home will reduce the use of fluorescent bulbs, which creates an elevated stress response in the body. Stress can exacerbate pre-existing health issues, which are both physical and mental. The need for natural sunlight is starting to become more well known by the general public, as a recent survey showed that people would prioritise natural light and windows over perks and benefits like an on-site gym in the workplace. What’s more, your sleep cycle can also benefit from natural light exposure as your circadian rhythm will be able to follow a decent pattern as your body is exposed to light both when the sun rises and as sunset approaches.

Two armchairs on a rug with French doors behinds them

Natural light will become a design essential in future

Architects are starting to understand the importance of natural light and have begun to create buildings solely based on it.  The term ‘daylighting’ is used to describe the technique of using controlled access to direct light via skylights, roof lanterns, and windows to reduce energy consumption. Simply put, this means eliminating the use of artificial light almost completely to light a building. With so many benefits and barely any negatives effects of natural light in your home, it is essential that you can bring out the best in your property with as many daylight-friendly designs. 
With our collection of bi-fold doors and French doors, you’ll not only improve the appearance of your home but also be able to enjoy the benefits of natural light more. Head to our Design Your Own page to create your custom patio doors to suit your property, or shop our full range of French doors, bi-fold doors, and garden buildings online now.

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