The Pros and Cons of Bi-Fold Doors

Are you still mulling over which type of patio doors you want for your home? Whether you’re debating giving your property a makeover to ‘flip it’ and sell up for profit, or if you’ve just bought an older forever home to fix up, it’s important to choose the right doors for your home. Never fear, our handy guide revealing all the pros and cons of bi-fold doors is here to help you make the decision!

brown bi-fold doors on patio

The pros of bi-fold doors

1. Bi-fold doors are simple to install and lightweight.

It’s easy for people to think that bi-fold doors are complicated to install as they have an air of sophistication about them. However, they’re actually ridiculously simple to install and extremely lightweight for heavy-duty patio doors. What’s more, bi-fold doors can be folded into a much smaller space than a classic French door design, while their tracking system is simpler and smoother to manoeuvre. 

2. Bi-fold doors are practical and improve wheelchair accessibility.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again because we can’t say it enough: bi-fold doors are extremely practical. Their sliding design complete with tracking doesn’t have that shuddering effect that can be cumbersome when pulling open the door. For parents who use pushchairs, disabled people who use wheelchairs, and walking aids, bi-fold doors are often a necessity to make their home more accessible. They open wide enough to allow more room for entry into a room and it’s simple to apply a ramp if needed. Wheelchair and walking aid users often have difficulty in rain or snow conditions with a ramp so if your space permits it, the bi-fold doors can also be installed lower for flat access instead.

White interior lounge with a patterned rug and two sets of sliding doors

3. They can enhance any type of property.

Whether your home is an older character property or a modern new build, a bi-fold design will blend with your aesthetic as there are so many different styles to choose from. For larger properties, you can light up a large space with multiple frames.  While for smaller spaces,  bi-fold doors can be a great option for opening up cosy rooms.

4. Bi-fold doors are very secure.

Despite all that you’ve heard, it’s a very common misconception that bi-folds make your home vulnerable to thieves. Conservatories are one of the most targeted rooms of the house which is why this unfair reputation about bi-fold doors exists.  The bi-fold is one of the most secure designs you can find for patio doors. For someone to open them from the outside would require an enormous amount of effort and superhuman strength. 

A living room with a tree trunk coffee table, a plasma TV on the wall, a brown leather armchair, and patio doors leading to an outdoor area

5. They can add value to your property.

Bi-fold doors are an investment that can add value to your home when choosing the right design and material. We always recommend to homeowners looking to make a profit from their property that aluminium bi-fold doors are the best option. Not only are they simple to maintain, but the durability of this material lasts for decades after you’ve moved on from your home.

The cons of bi-fold doors

1. You have to be strategic with your bi-fold doors’ design.

The number of frames in your bi-fold doors is determined by the size of your home. Owners of large properties can enjoy adding multiple panels to their bi-fold doors, whereas owners of smaller homes have to be strategic about their placement. Additionally, accessibility can be difficult if you do not opt for a second access door in the last panel. 

2. Bi-fold doors are a bit pricier than standard patio doors.

There’s are a few reasons why bi-fold doors are more expensive. They may be simple to install but bi-fold doors must be installed in your home correctly, which does take some time. Other factors that influence the price include the materials like uPVC and aluminium, size, and the complex manufacturing process. However, the result is always that of the utmost quality which makes it worth putting aside money for bi-fold doors as an investment piece for your home. While there are some cons, we really can’t recommend bi-fold doors enough as the pros certainly outweigh any tiny fault.

Browse our selection of bi-fold doors online now and check out our full range of French doors, sliding doors, and more. Whichever type of patio doors you’re looking for, at ATT Fabrications we understand how important it is to find exactly what you want for your home so check out our Design Your Own section to customise your patio doors.

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