Things to consider before buying bi-folding doors

When buying bi-fold doors, it’s important to keep in mind if they fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you’re planning to grow your family or if you already have small children and pets, bi-fold doors can be a welcome new addition to your home. To guide you through the decision-making process, we thought we’d take you through everything you need to consider when buying bi-folding doors for your family home.

A small child looking at patio doors

Are bi-fold doors high maintenance?

Bi-fold doors made from sturdy materials like uPVC and aluminium are incredibly weather-resistant, so they need relatively very little maintenance bar the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. However, there is no guarantee they’ll remain clean for long! 

We’ve all been there: you’re having a cuppa while looking out the window. The kids are playing, and the dog is having a post-walkies snooze; all is peaceful and calm until you can’t take your eyes off of it: tiny finger stains and a wet nose print right on your patio doors. Of course, as with any glass product and little ones, there will be stains, so we generally recommend using glass cleaner to give them a once over now and then to keep them looking crystal clear. And after the quick wipe down? Resume your tea and enjoy the view outside your bi-folds. 

A little girl looks at her reflection in a patio door

How secure are bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are some of the most secure types of patio doors on the market, and along with added security, they will always brighten up your home, thanks to the large window panes. The rumour that bi-fold doors lack security comes from the fact that conservatories, in general, are a vulnerable part of the home and not due to the bi-fold design. Thanks to the multi-point locking system with the tracking attached inside, an intruder would have to remove the doors out of the frame… which would be almost impossible and so loud that they wouldn’t even try!

Are bi-fold doors safe for children and pets?

Safety is always top of your radar when you have children and pets in the family. The most common worry for parents of both little ones and pets is the potential dangers that could arise from the tracking system. The tracking system has the doors attached inside to the gears on the bottom track, so the doors can glide with ease when not locked in place. And the glass? Well, the thinnest glass that bi-folds can hold is double-glazing which is hardy enough to plenty withstand bumps and scrapes!

Bi-folding doors with white curtains and a plant

Will bi-fold doors suit my room and are they easy to install?

Bi-fold doors can easily be adapted for most spaces and are pretty easy to install. However, if they are installed wrong, the results can be fairly costly if any damage is incurred. We always recommend that when installing bi-fold doors, that they are accurately and expertly measured properly for your room. Bi-fold doors are relatively adaptable, and we’re happy to be here to help you get the full benefit of bi-fold doors in your home. 
At ATT, we can guide you through the full customisation process and will give you a detailed quote on how much it would cost to create bi-fold doors to suit your home exactly. Simply head to our Design Your Own page for more information and start the ball rolling towards getting your uniquely designed bi-folds for your family home. Looking for more options to spruce up your home? Shop our full range of French doors and garden buildings online now.

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