What are bi-fold doors and how do they work?

You’re ready to spruce up your property and you’ve finally decided to commit to a pair of bi-fold doors. However, suddenly the gravity of this task hits home and what seemed like picking a really nice pair of patio doors for your home has descended into an abyss of questions (amidst numerous existential crises too). From how many panels you need to the type of material you require and how on earth these beautiful bi-fold doors work their magic, we’ve got the answers for you right here. 

A clean, white space with bi-folding doors partially open

What exactly is a bi-fold door?

Bi-fold doors are created using a series of panels which allows the door to essentially fold up externally or internally. They can be opened from the centre in a smooth motion which prevents that little shuddering effect that can be quite cumbersome with some standard patio doors. Each section has a tracking system so they can just glide open with ease. Bi-folds boast a unique design that really opens up the room they’ve been installed in. They’re a particular favourite for our customers who want to add a more versatile design to their patio while still maintaining their property’s style.

Bi-fold doors on a patio

Why do I need a bi-fold door?

Bi-fold doors are not just an attractive design, they’re actually a wonderful way to let more light into your home and offer plenty of flexibility. For families, they can be a fantastic compromise for when the kids want to play outside but the adults want to sit indoors with a coffee or tea. While for the more mature members of the family like the grandparents, bi-fold doors offer them the opportunity to still be comfortable indoors while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Plus, bi-fold doors take up barely any space in your home so they’re a handy option for smaller properties. 

Will bi-fold doors make my home colder? 

Bi-fold doors that are installed and fitted very well will not cause your home to become cold. They’re carefully crafted to seal in your home just like any other pair of durable patio doors. During the summer months, our bi-fold doors will keep your home cool so you won’t need to worry about running up the electric bills with fans or air conditioning, while during the winter their thick glass will trap the heat. Whatever the weather, you’ll be comfortable. 

What type of bi-fold door should I buy?

When choosing your bi-fold doors, it’s vital to consider the material that will suit your home as well as your lifestyle. Both uPVC and aluminium bi-fold doors are sound options in terms of durability and low maintenance care. These materials can last from 30 to 45 years and generally just require the occasional wipe with a cloth as they’re weather resistant. Aluminium bi-fold doors will help your property increase in value, while uPVC bi-fold doors can be a cheaper option for a rental property but it is just as durable and hardy. 

From clear glass to frosted glass, doors that open inside or outside, a white or black frame and the number of panels, think about which look will complement the aesthetic and architecture of your home. Our 3 panel bi-fold doors are extremely popular with families that have children and pets, as they can be made with a traffic door which can work as a regular door day-to-day.

Bi-folding doors with white curtains and a plant

While much larger spaces tend to favour our 4 or 5 panel bi-fold doors as there’s enough space for them, plus they will project even more light into the room. The size of your existing door space is a huge factor when choosing the correct number of panels for your bi-fold doors.   With all your options considered and the plan of your property taken into account, we’re here to help you choose the perfect patio and bi-fold doors. Bi-folds will be a wonderful addition to your house and will really add a dash of modernism while illuminating the room.

At ATT Fabrications, we pride ourselves on offering you a custom bespoke service where you can create the ideal doors for your home sweet home. Find out more on our design your own page and check out our full range of bi-fold doors online now to shop our collections.

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