What Size French Doors Do I Need?

Making sure that you buy the right sized french doors is important, you don’t want the doors of your dreams to be delivered and find out that you’ve ordered the wrong size. Here at ATT Fabrications, we have a wide range of french door sizes for you to choose from depending on the size of your property and we often get asked – what size french doors do I need? 

French sliding doors

What height should my french doors be?

Unless you are searching for a bespoke fitting, you will usually find that the height of your french door will be 2090mm. Here at ATT Fabrications, our french doors are a standard size of 2090mm/82 inches/6’8. 

What width should my french doors be?

The width of french doors is a variable that can change based on the size of your property. Here at ATT Fabrications, we have a selection of french door widths to cater to the needs of your property. Our doors start at a width of 1790mm and span up to 3590mm

You can choose a door width which is larger or smaller than these dimensions with our bespoke design your door service where you can create french doors which are suitable for your property. 

Design your own french door 

Take the stress out of the process and let us create a door which is perfect for you. Here at ATT Fabrications, we offer a service where you can design your own custom french doors in either aluminium or uPVC. You can choose a range of features including the style, glass type as well as other functionalities such as the open in/open out capabilities of your doors. 

With our design-your-own french door feature, you can choose your own width and height which is ideal for trickier spaces which need custom fixtures. When measuring for this, we need the actual frame size, so if measuring from the external brickwork, you should deduct 10mm from the height and width for an accurate measurement. 

How to measure your door frame

We know how exciting it can be choosing the design of your new french doors, but making sure that you have the right measurements before diving into the design is important. We don’t want you to experience the heartbreak of choosing your dream doors and realising it’s not available in your dimensions – so how do you measure for french doors? 

  1. Grab your tools – Don’t worry, you don’t need a wide range of tools. To measure the door frame for french doors, all you’ll need is a pen, paper and tape measure. 
  2. Take the width measurement – It may be helpful to have someone hold the other end of the tape measure to make sure that it is pulled tight and level as, if it is loose, your measurements may deviate from the true reading. 
  3. Take the height measurement – Depending on your height, you may need a ladder for this measurement as you will need to measure the full height of the frame. Make sure that you measure all the way to the subfloor as this will provide an accurate measurement. 
  4. Cater for brickwork – You need to consider the brickwork when measuring for patio doors, as brickwork levels vary, you should measure the brickwork and then deduct 10mm as this will allow for a fitting tolerance which will allow the doors to be packed, levelled and squared during fitting. 
  5. Measure again! – Make sure that your measurements are accurate by measuring the height and width again. To make sure that you cater towards inconsistencies, you should measure at multiple points across the width and height.  

Measuring up the area for your door is one of the first and most important steps in giving your home the upgrade that it deserves. Once you have these measurements, you can start the search for your new dream french doors. 

French door sizes 

(4ft French Doors) 1190mm French Doors 
(5ft French Doors) 1490mm French Doors 
(6ft French Doors) 1790mm French Doors 
(7ft French Doors) 2090mm French Doors 
(8ft French Doors) 2390mm French Doors 
(9ft French Doors) 2690mm French Doors 
(10ft French Doors) 2990mm French Doors 
Bespoke Doors 

Benefits of having french doors 

  • Improved security – Within the range of french doors available here at ATT Fabrications, you will find fixtures which are sturdy and will enhance the security of your property. This makes the doors ideal for those with families as well as the elderly. 
  • Increase the value of your property – Having new fittings around your home can increase the value of the property as it makes the aesthetic of the home look contemporary and means that the fixture won’t have to be updated for years to come. 
  • Reduce your heating bills – You can save money on your energy bills as the french doors within our range are energy efficient and securely fitted to ensure that no heat can escape through cracks. 
  • Light – French doors provide lots of natural light to flood the interior space of the property, which in turn will make the space look and feel larger. 
  • Durability – Most of the french doors within the array of designs here at ATT Fabrications come with a 10-year guarantee so you don’t have to worry about having to replace the doors frequently. 

Within our french door range, you will find a diverse range of designs, colours and functionalities to suit the aesthetic of your home. All of our french doors are reinforced with steel and have toughened safety glass to enhance the security measures. If you would like to explore the entire french door range available here at ATT Fabrications, then we have a wide selection for you to choose from. 

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